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Amazing Superhero Jumping CastlesAmazing Superhero Jumping Castles

Emerging Trend of Superheroes

Superheroes are becoming very famous among kids. They are beautifully ruling the world of children with their fantastic superpowers. Children just love to have the pictures of their superheroes on every item that they buy. They love to imagine and superheroes unleash their imagination in a best creative way. Kids just love imitating their superheroes, fighting the bad guys, and flexing their superpowers. Superheroes provide them with a fantasy where they can assert themselves as they want.

Giant Jumping Castle Jumps etc Outside Fun​​​

In this modern age where everything is getting evolved over time, the jumping castles have also evolved into many different shapes and varieties. The companies have targeted the things that kids love to have and they have evolved their toys according to that. The trend of Superhero Jumping Castles is increasing and are now in great demand – due to the love children have for superheroes. They love to play inside their favorite superhero castles and assume that they have got all the powers of the superhero. When parents see their children using their imagination in such a cute way, they’ll never forget the superhero castle while celebrating birthdays or others kid’s events.

Quality Superhero Jumping Castles

Jump N Play is a successful business that is providing jumping castles to people from the last 10 years. It has a long list of its happy and satisfied customers because of the quality and durability of the product it is delivering. It provides sincere advice to people or organizations who decide to organize a jumping castle event. It discusses with them all the factors regarding jumping castles like council permits, delivery time, budget, kid’s age, hiring duration of castles, and managing proper petrol generators. It is a fully insured business and all its bookings are logged into booking software. To confirm each booking process, it emails an official contract and provides a guarantee of the castle hires.

Varieties of Superhero Jumping Castles

Jump N Play offers two types of Superhero Jumping Castles. Let’s know about them in detail:

1. Batman 5 in 1 Combo Jumping Castle

This Superhero Jumping Castle has the dimensions of 5.5m x 5.5m. If you want to organize a jumping castle for your event but has a problem with limited space, this castle will suit your needs best. It can be easily adjusted in a little space thus solving your spacing issues. The castle is amazing and contains a lot of interactive activities to keep your children busy and entertained.

2. Superman 5 in 1 Combo Jumping Castle

This jumping castle holds the dimensions of 6.5m x 5.5m. It is somewhat larger than the Batman Jumping Castle. It offers a massive area for your kids to enjoy their games while running, crawling or jumping throughout the castle. This 5 in 1 combo has a slide and play around option too. Because of its large size, it contains a lot of extra activities so that the children can enjoy their time to the fullest.

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Make Your Party memorable with a Jumping CastleMake Your Party memorable with a Jumping Castle

Getting the perfect jumping castle to hire for your party is quite easy. All you need to do is type jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles into your search engine and before you know it, you will be provided with information through which you’d get to us. We have simple moonwalk bouncers, fancy obstacle courses (wet or dry), and so much more. From the options provided, you can easily select the appropriate bouncer for any age group or gender. Once you make your choice, you will have a clean and quality equipment delivered to you at the proper place and time.

When choosing a company for your jumping castle, ensure you look out for jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles; we have exceptional customer service. Because you need special attention to ensure that the hired castle works perfectly all through your party, you will be given full attention and necessary information on how our jumping castles work, upon delivery. Distance is no barrier; we are close to you. We will not only deliver the castles to your location but also set up the inflatable free of charge for you. We can also set up the castles out of the beaches for you to enjoy the Melbourne’ summer at some places such as Sorrento Beach.

In addition, if you are organising a large party, you may require additional services besides renting the castle. We offer table and chair rentals as well as face painting services. We are the best jumping castle company with very clean, highly maintained inflatable, exceptional customer service, timely delivery as well as timely pick up and break down. With one phone call or just filling out a form online, you are sure of reaching us

Jumping castles have a way of transforming your party making kids super excited. Parents would in fact appreciate you for making their children occupied. There is always a perfect castle for your party irrespective of the age group.

At jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles, we offer a clean, exceptional and professional service aimed at satisfying children as well as parents. We know  the exact Jumping castles that will make children excited. Our castles are extremely safe. We also have some enclosed models that have characters that children love. They also come with viewable spaces that allow parents supervise their children while they play.

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Jumping Castle Beach FestivalJumping Castle Beach Festival

 If you are thinking of hosting a different kind of birthday party for your kid this year, Then renting out a jumping castle may be the best way to go. Every kid would love to jump on this for the entire party period; hence you need not worry about how to entertain your guest. The only thing left to handle is food, as jumping can become an exercise which makes them become hungry faster.

You can save time and energy from planning a party. A jumping castle is capable of entertaining without any other thing else available. With a single element, such as jumping castles; you need not worry about decorations, guest seating arrangements, party games and so on.

Renting jumping castles allows you to save more than hiring a mascot or an entertainer in a party; as it’s something both children and adult would enjoy. You can also hire someone to watch over the kids while they are playing. This allows you to socialize with the guests or prepare refreshments. Jumping castles are however not limited to only a larger version of a beach ball; but have different varieties of themes, such as forest theme, a girlie-theme, etc. The decoration of your party can be synchronized with the theme of your jumping castle.

As jumping castles are subjected to wear and tear; it will be prudent to perform a background check on the company you are hiring from. They should also guarantee safety and sanitation of your castle at all times.


If you have a property with enough space, you may consider purchasing your personal jumping castles. This is so you don’t have to wait for an event or birthday before you can start jumping. Bouncing up and down can elevate your moods regardless of your state of mind (sad or tired); it can also be an excellent way to exercise. You should take notes on things to consider when maintaining your personal castle. You would need to be extra careful and selective when choosing the right castle, as it may not be easy to exchange as you would a rental. In addition, it’s not quite easy to sell a jumping castle if you are thinking of disposing them as not everybody  has the space to accommodate them.

Here are a number of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing one:

  • How frequently should it be cleaned?
  • What electric facility is required?
  • Is it safe to be kept outside?
  • Can you deflate and inflate them by yourself?
  • Are there provisions for after purchase repairs and check-up?

Whenever your child’s birthday is coming up, consider getting a jumping castle. The fun and excitement of having one will be a memorable experience.


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