Day: January 11, 2019

How to Throw a Laser Tag Birthday Party at Home How to Throw a Laser Tag Birthday Party at Home 

If you are thinking of the best birthday gift for your child then consider laser tag game, Laser Tag Brisbane might be an option for you. There is nothing as exciting and fulfilling in a birthday party like an integration of all age groups. The laser game is universal; both adults and kids love laser tag. One of the main challenges in any social gathering is involving all guests and ensuring no one is bored. The laser tag game is applicable to people of all age and race; teens also love the game. The hype and energy levels that come with this game is incredible; it is often the highlight of the day, most times, it overshadows the cake and gifts.

About Laser Tag 

Laser tag game was originally used in US army training sessions early in the 1970s. However, the game became popular ten years later in the fun and entertainment industry; it has been commercialised since then. The game’s structure is simple; teams wear sensors and use laser weapons to shoot infrared beams to opponents. It is never real lasers. The sensors register every hit thus awarding a point to the player who made the shot. It is more fun with two or more teams because there is a higher risk of getting hit from either side. There is no better way to celebrate a birthday with friends and family than with laser tag game. It keeps your guests entertained all afternoon; most likely the party will run late because of the endless fun.

Be sure to include guidelines and rules to the game. Don’t worry, rules don’t hinder fun in the game; actually, rules and structure are vital in creating thrill and fun. It is easier to count scores and establish winner within given time limits when there are definite rules. Every team will be satisfied with results if the criteria are clear other than vague. The game is super exciting; kids are likely to go nuts without rules. Remember, it is about keeping your guests entertained and interactive all afternoon. You will have a difficult time settling down the guests for cake cutting; adults get carried away too.


Unlike in a facility, playing laser tag at home requires your input as the host; setting rules and structure of the game. It is simple; set a considerable time limit and tally up points with every hit. Obviously, the team with most hits is the winner.

However, the score on hits and tallying is not the only scoring technique; you don’t have to use it throughout the afternoon. It will get too obvious and boring.

Here are some of the scoring concepts you should try.


Let each shot count. A hit equals elimination; once a player is hit, the individual has to step out. A team that loses most or all of its players is the loser. This technique encourages teamwork and strategy in the game; it is no longer about shooting carelessly but a technique of elimination.

VIP protection 

Each team should choose one VIP. The VIP actively participates in the shooting with a weapon but should not be hit. It is the responsibility of team players to protect their VIP and target the opponents. Once your VIP is hit, you have lost the game. There is more teamwork, strategy, and trickery in this scoring concept.

Free field 

In this case, you are on your own. It is more interesting with kids because they learn to protect their territory; the goal is to attain as many points as possible within given time limits. Individuals earn points based on hits; once you are hit, you are out of the game. Everyone is typically an enemy in this game; there is no time for thinking or strategizing. You can be hit from either side; the game is more difficult if there are many players. You have to protect yourself and earn points by hitting others; there is zero teamwork here.

Flag Capture 

In this game, it is more than avoiding tagging and hits. One team has to capture the flag of the other and keep it in their territories. Flag’s location determines the winner.

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