Beachfest Jumping Castles Make Your Party memorable with a Jumping Castle

Make Your Party memorable with a Jumping Castle

Getting the perfect jumping castle to hire for your party is quite easy. All you need to do is type jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles into your search engine and before you know it, you will be provided with information through which you’d get to us. We have simple moonwalk bouncers, fancy obstacle courses (wet or dry), and so much more. From the options provided, you can easily select the appropriate bouncer for any age group or gender. Once you make your choice, you will have a clean and quality equipment delivered to you at the proper place and time.

When choosing a company for your jumping castle, ensure you look out for jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles; we have exceptional customer service. Because you need special attention to ensure that the hired castle works perfectly all through your party, you will be given full attention and necessary information on how our jumping castles work, upon delivery. Distance is no barrier; we are close to you. We will not only deliver the castles to your location but also set up the inflatable free of charge for you. We can also set up the castles out of the beaches for you to enjoy the Melbourne’ summer at some places such as Sorrento Beach.

In addition, if you are organising a large party, you may require additional services besides renting the castle. We offer table and chair rentals as well as face painting services. We are the best jumping castle company with very clean, highly maintained inflatable, exceptional customer service, timely delivery as well as timely pick up and break down. With one phone call or just filling out a form online, you are sure of reaching us

Jumping castles have a way of transforming your party making kids super excited. Parents would in fact appreciate you for making their children occupied. There is always a perfect castle for your party irrespective of the age group.

At jump ‘n’ play castles, Melbourne’s biggest and best jumping castles, we offer a clean, exceptional and professional service aimed at satisfying children as well as parents. We know  the exact Jumping castles that will make children excited. Our castles are extremely safe. We also have some enclosed models that have characters that children love. They also come with viewable spaces that allow parents supervise their children while they play.

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