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Jumping Castle Beach Festival

 If you are thinking of hosting a different kind of birthday party for your kid this year, Then renting out a jumping castle may be the best way to go. Every kid would love to jump on this for the entire party period; hence you need not worry about how to entertain your guest. The only thing left to handle is food, as jumping can become an exercise which makes them become hungry faster.

You can save time and energy from planning a party. A jumping castle is capable of entertaining without any other thing else available. With a single element, such as jumping castles; you need not worry about decorations, guest seating arrangements, party games and so on.

Renting jumping castles allows you to save more than hiring a mascot or an entertainer in a party; as it’s something both children and adult would enjoy. You can also hire someone to watch over the kids while they are playing. This allows you to socialize with the guests or prepare refreshments. Jumping castles are however not limited to only a larger version of a beach ball; but have different varieties of themes, such as forest theme, a girlie-theme, etc. The decoration of your party can be synchronized with the theme of your jumping castle.

As jumping castles are subjected to wear and tear; it will be prudent to perform a background check on the company you are hiring from. They should also guarantee safety and sanitation of your castle at all times.


If you have a property with enough space, you may consider purchasing your personal jumping castles. This is so you don’t have to wait for an event or birthday before you can start jumping. Bouncing up and down can elevate your moods regardless of your state of mind (sad or tired); it can also be an excellent way to exercise. You should take notes on things to consider when maintaining your personal castle. You would need to be extra careful and selective when choosing the right castle, as it may not be easy to exchange as you would a rental. In addition, it’s not quite easy to sell a jumping castle if you are thinking of disposing them as not everybody  has the space to accommodate them.

Here are a number of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing one:

  • How frequently should it be cleaned?
  • What electric facility is required?
  • Is it safe to be kept outside?
  • Can you deflate and inflate them by yourself?
  • Are there provisions for after purchase repairs and check-up?

Whenever your child’s birthday is coming up, consider getting a jumping castle. The fun and excitement of having one will be a memorable experience.


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